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Fruits you never knew existed: The blue java banana


Pretty much everything about the blue Java banana seems to be unreal: Can the fruit really be that blue? Does it really taste like vanilla ice cream? And was it really invented by the makers of Ben and Jerry's ice cream when they simply wanted to make even better creations?

Well, the last part is indeed fictitious, but the first two incredible facts are true! Blue Java bananas are known as "ice cream bananas" because they have a creamy texture similar to cream and a taste reminiscent of custard or soft ice cream. In the beginning they are bluish or blue-green before they ripen and turn into a light blue. Although they taste delicious straight from the perennial, they seem made for pureeing and processing into an ice cream with only one ingredient. This so-called frozen banana puree is becoming more and more popular and could become a welcome refreshment next super summer.

Blue bananas for your home

And as if that wasn't enough craziness for a banana, there is another amazing fact: the blue banana also grows in Central Europe.

Although it is usually found in tropical areas like Hawaii, Southeast Asia and parts of Central America, it is extremely cold tolerant. As long as it gets enough sun during its ripening period, it can be easily raised with special banana fertilizers and grows incredibly fast. The corresponding seed is now also available in Europe.

Valuable and not commercially available in Europe

It is relatively easy to grow the delicious blue banana, but in East Asian countries the fruit is already so popular and demand so high that prices are skyrocketing. Many banana farmers therefore have the valuable perennials guarded around the clock by attack dogs.

In Germany, however, we will have to wait a while for imported blue bananas. Due to the so-called banana regulation (EU Regulation (EC) No. 2257/94), imported bananas must be green when imported. However, the blue Java banana only has this complete green colouring if it cannot yet be harvested. So the motto is: Grow it yourself and enjoy it!