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Which fruit is useful in the Corona crisis?


We are all more concerned about our health these days. The current situation forces us to sit at home a lot, to move little and perhaps not always eat the healthiest food. But which fruit helps us to stay healthy in the Corona crisis?

First of all, it must be clearly stated: There is no evidence or studies that a particular fruit strengthens the immune system against the corona virus. Here we must wait for tangible medical results. What we can do, however, is to reduce the negative side effects of the crisis. Here are some tips on which fruit will get you through the daily lockdown.

Blueberries help to burn fat

Anyone who sits a lot and eats a lot on top of that stands in front of the mirror one morning and thinks to himself: "How do I get this stomach out of here?" Especially in the Corona period we all have to sit at home much more than usual and thus consume fewer calories. The best way to burn fat is of course sport. But those who do not have the accustomed possibility to do sports due to the current restrictions can go for the sweet and sour berries. After all, blueberries are real abdominal fat killers. According to a study by the University of Michigan, about 200 grams of blueberries a day are said to already slightly reduce the abdominal girth. The reason for this is polyphenols, which reduce the formation of new fat cells. They are also a great snack as an alternative to the usual sugary sweets. Blueberries contain only about 40 kilocalories per 100g and can therefore be eaten without hesitation during a diet or conscious nutrition in the Corona period.

Dates against ravenous appetite attacks

A conscious and healthy diet is all well and good, but what do you do if you suddenly get a ravenous appetite attack? Then one would like to rush to the secretly stored chocolate reserve and preferably devour it in one go. What helps against such overeating attacks? Dates are a true miracle cure in such cases. It already helps to eat two or three dried dates and the ravenous hunger is blown away. The fruit is sweet, has a strong satiating effect and very little fat. In addition, the high fibre content promotes digestion and the high potassium content stimulates blood pressure, which ensures that excess water is flushed out. Dates are therefore the perfect remedy against ravenous appetite!

Overcoming the midday lull - with bananas

Everyone knows it: We sit at our desks at home, have our third video conference and are exhausted by lunchtime. At least we want to treat ourselves to a tasty lunch to get back on our feet. Often the deep fryer has to be used for a portion of fries or the warmed up pizza from yesterday. But be careful, if you're too heavy at lunchtime you'll quickly get sleepy and less productive! The classics - bananas - help against such a midday depression. They are easily digestible, rich in potassium and nutritious. Above all, bananas are considered to be a rich source of energy, because no other fruit provides the body with energy in such a short and long-lasting way. In the same way, thought blocks, stress and mood swings are also positively influenced by the consumption of the banana, which is due to the high level of "tryptophan" (an amino acid), a lucky nerve messenger. In order to avoid the next midday slump, simply eat two bananas and a short time later you can go on energetically!

Plums help against depression and bad mood

Especially now in springtime we would all rather sit in the sun and fill up on vitamin D than sit in the dark apartment and work in the home office. That can be a real mood killer. What helps against depression, dejection and frustration? A one-week plum cure can work wonders here. Just eat about 200g of plums every day and after a short time the bad mood will be gone. By the way: If you are afraid for your figure, you don't need to worry. Plums are not fatteners. The plum has retained its reputation for containing a lot of sugar as a baking additive for sheet cakes and other delicacies. But if you distort the sweet and sour fruit without adding sugar, you can declare war on corona depression and even without gaining weight!

Sea buckthorn - The maximum of vitamin C

People who have a cold and want to do something good for their body usually rely on a strong lemon tea or a household remedy made from lemon juice. Even though it has not been proven that vitamin C helps with colds, the sour taste alone seems to help our body get back on track. Vitamin C is always healthy and necessary, and anyone who wants to get enough of it should switch from lemon to sea buckthorn. The sea buckthorn, with its 10 times more vitamin C, can only smile tiredly at the lemon. However, as it does not taste very good in its raw form, it is best prepared as sea buckthorn tea. By the way: Vegetarians and vegans benefit especially from this tea, as sea buckthorn also contains vitamin B12, which otherwise occurs almost exclusively in animal food.