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The whole world of fruit and vegetables The whole world of fruit and vegetables

The whole world of fruits

Discover new fruits, get healthy and be happy!

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Fruits make you happy!

Tastes are known to be different, but the variation of great fruits is so huge that there is a suitable fruit for every taste. No matter if bittersweet grapefruit, aromatic raspberry, hearty sour figs or the extraordinary aroma of Durian: there are few possibilities to eat as tasty and healthy as a few delicious fruits.

However, this is not enough: fruits of proven dimensions make you happy and some fruits are even regarded as pure mood enhancers. No matter whether you want to survive the dark season better in winter or need an energy boost in summer for sporting activities in the heat, fruits strengthen the body and mind in every respect!

All the knowledge of the fruit world

Which fruit smells so bad that it's forbidden on air travel? Why is the banana crooked? How does the Williams-Christ pear get into the bottle? Why is the eggplant a fruit? And who is the queen of fruits? With some facts about fruits one can only look astonished and wonder how nature could create such a crazy variety of fruits. Almost every fruit has a fascinating quality that certainly not everyone knows.

Vegetables against fruits

Who really wants to eat a balanced diet does not have to decide between fruits and vegetables. Fruits brighten the mood and provide the body with an absolute energy kick. But the crown for the healthiest plant in the kitchen goes to the tomato! The interplay of fruit and vegetables ensures that everyone is full of energy and motivated to meet the challenges of everyday life. A smoothie here, a plate of Brussels sprouts there and you are on your way to a happy life.

Everyone can eat healthily, you just have to start. This is your start into a happy and fruity life!

Tips for your diet

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is important to stay up to date while exercising or working. But the right preparation can make a big difference. Be it to bring variety to a table or to get the most out of your diet. Because not every fruit fits well into a smoothie and not every vegetable unfolds its great health effect raw.

With recipes on FruitABC you'll find the right tips & tricks for your diet and can finally get started!