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created by Adrian Strauß

What is the most effective way to burn abdominal fat?

We all want to have a flat stomach. Are you among the lucky ones who already have a flat stomach? No? Then we have 10 useful household remedy tips for you.

created by Sebastian Strauß

Which fruit is useful in the Corona crisis?

We are all more concerned about our health these days. The current situation forces us to sit at home a lot, to move little and perhaps not always eat the healthiest food. But which fruit helps us to stay healthy in the Corona crisis?

created by Sebastian Strauß

Fruits you never knew existed: The blue java banana

Pretty much everything about the blue Java banana seems to be unreal: Can the fruit really be that blue? Does it really taste like vanilla ice cream? And was it really invented by the makers of Ben and Jerry's ice cream when they simply wanted to make even better creations?